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Interface RtcPropsInterface

Props object for customising the UI Kit functionality


  • RtcPropsInterface



Optional activeSpeaker

activeSpeaker: boolean

Set to true to enable active speaker callback, switches the pinned video to active speaker if you're using the pinned layout. (default: false)


appId: string

Agora App ID - used to authenticate the request

Optional callActive

callActive: boolean

Once set to true, the UI Kit attempts to join the channel. Can be set to false to initialise the SDK and wait before joining the channel. (default: true)


channel: string

Channel name to join - users in the same channel can communicate with each other

Optional dualStreamMode

dualStreamMode: StreamFallbackOptions

Enable dual stream mode with selected fallback option. (default: disabled)

Optional enableAudio

enableAudio: boolean

Enable the mic before joining the call. (default: true)

Optional enableVideo

enableVideo: boolean

Enable the camera before joining the call. Only use for initiak(default: true)

Optional layout

layout: layout

Choose between grid layout and pinned layout. (default: pinned layout)

Optional mode

mode: mode

Select between livestreaming and communication mode for the SDK. (default: communication)

Optional role

role: role

Set local user's role between audience and host. Use with mode set to livestreaming. (default: host)

Optional token

token: null | string

(optional) Token used to join a channel when using secured mode (default: null)

Optional tokenUrl

tokenUrl: string

(optional) URL for token server, manages fetching and updating tokens automatically. Must follow the schema here - https://github.com/AgoraIO-Community/agora-token-service/

Optional uid

uid: number

(optional) UID for local user to join the channel (default: 0)

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