Interface LocalAudioTrackStats

Information of the local audio track, which can be retrieved by calling [AgoraRTCClient.getLocalAudioStats]getLocalAudioStats.


  • LocalAudioTrackStats


codecType?: "opus" | "aac"

The audio codec.

  • opus: The audio codec is OPUS。
  • aac: The audio codec is AAC。

    Firefox does not support this property.

currentPacketLossRate: number

The packet loss rate of the sent audio in 400ms.

sendBitrate: number

The bitrate (bps) of the sent audio.

sendBytes: number

The total bytes of the sent audio.

sendPackets: number

The total packets of the sent audio.

sendPacketsLost: number

The total number of lost audio packets that were sent.

sendVolumeLevel: number

The energy level of the sent audio.

The value range is [0,32767].

This value is retrieved by calling WebRTC-Stats and may not be up-to-date. To get the real-time sound volume, call [LocalAudioTrack.getVolumeLevel]getVolumeLevel.

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