Interface ReceivedMessageProperties

Interface for properties of received messages.


  • ReceivedMessageProperties


isOfflineMessage: boolean

Allows the receiver to check whether this message has been cached on the server (Applies to peer-to-peer message only).


This method returns false if a message is not cached by the server. Only if the sender sends the message as an offline message (sets enableOfflineMessaging as true) when the specified user is offline, does the method return true when the user is back online.
  • For now we only cache 200 offline messages for up to seven days for each receiver. When the number of the cached messages reaches this limit, the newest message overrides the oldest one.
    • true: This message has been cached on the server (the server caches this message and re-sends it to the receiver when he/she is back online).
    • false: This message has not been cached on the server.
  • serverReceivedTs: number

    The timestamp (ms) of when the messaging server receives this message.


  • You cannot set this returned timestamp, but you can infer from it the approximate time as to when this message was sent.
  • The returned timestamp is on a millisecond time-scale. It is for demonstration purposes only, not for strict ordering of messages.
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