Interface RtcContextInterface

Interface for the RtcContext


  • RtcContextInterface


channelJoined: boolean

Is the UIKit in a channel

The client object used by the web SDK

dispatch: DispatchType

React dispatch to update values in the reducer

isScreensharing: boolean
localAudioTrack: null | ILocalAudioTrack

The local user's audio track

localUid: MutableRefObject<undefined | UID>

The local UID returned by the SDK when using local uid as 0.

localVideoTrack: null | ILocalVideoTrack

The local user's video track

mediaStore: mediaStore

An object containing a key value store of tracks mapped to users UIDs

toggleScreensharing: (() => Promise<void>)

Type declaration

    • (): Promise<void>
    • Returns Promise<void>

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