Interface holding the configuration of an RtmClient instance.

You can pass it as the second argument when calling the createInstance method, or use it when calling the updateConfig method.


  • RtmConfig


enableCloudProxy?: boolean

Whether to enable cloud proxy.

enableLogUpload?: boolean

Whether to enable log upload. It is set to false by default.

  • true: Enable log upload,
  • false: (Default) Disable log upload.
logFilter?: LogFilterType

Output log level of the SDK.

You can use one or a combination of the filters. The log level follows the sequence of OFF, ERROR, WARNING, and INFO. Choose a level to see the logs preceding that level. If, for example, you set the log level to WARNING, you see the logs within levels ERROR and WARNING.

  • AgoraRTM.LOG_FILTER_INFO (Default)

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